Thursday, January 25, 2007

Just Some Of The Secrets You'll Learn Include

How to do extremely powerful mentalist mind tricks that will leave your spectators thinking you have supernatural powers.
How to perform street magic on the spot whenever and wherever you choose. (I love doing street magic to a stranger then walking away without saying a word and leaving them in awe).
How you can convince anyone that you really can read minds.
How to levitate - levitation fully explained with multiple techniques. (Including David Blaine's techniques).
How to do hundreds of card tricks. (Including methods of forcing cards and common undetectable stacked deck techniques)
How to do magic with objects. (Including spoon bending and key bending methods).
How to successfully pull off the ever so popular remote viewing technique.
How to do stage illusions like a seasoned pro.
You'll Also Learn About Hypnosis, Including...
Both basic and advanced hypnosis techniques.
A crash course study of the human mind to help prepare you for inducing hypnosis in others.
A proven power hypnotic induction technique. (Including an actual script that you can use.)
A detailed instruction on the handshake induction.
Various hypnosis performance tips.
David Copperfield's secrets to some of his most famous illusions. (Including making the Statue of Liberty and a Jumbo Jet disappear).
An interview with the latest superstar in the world of magic, Criss Angel.
An interview with a guy partially responsible for the popularity of street magic today, David Blaine.